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New *NSYNC Album Drops Without Band Having A Clue!

Ever since Justin Timberlake reunited with *NSYNC at the MTV VMA’s last year, the reality of an actual reunion seeped into the collective conscious of fans and music pundits all around. Pop culture at that moment, was bursting at the seams. Many have been anxiously waiting for a “surprise” news report to surface saying that the band came back together, and today, something that has all the traits of a “surprise” arrived, but alas, it is as fraudulent as BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson.

The name of the new album is “The Essential *NSYNC” released by Sony. It is a 2 CD collection of their hit songs with what seems to be some unreleased recordings that were collecting dust in a vault.

Fans of the band, who are now mothers and women in their mid-30’s, have channeled their teenage-selves and catapulted the album #6 on the iTunes charts and counting! Imagine what a concert would do!? Yikes!


Justin, along with the rest of members, were in the dark about the release. Some of them through social media have expressed their feelings and have mostly seem positive about the news, albeit, I’m sure they would have liked a heads from the record label.

My question is, why wouldn’t Sony inform the band of the release and even ask them to promote the album? It’s their hard work that went into it. With the music industry not faring well economically, their promotion would have been valuable towards the bottom line.

In the meantime, at least we have the VMA reunion to cherish and to only dream of a what if…?

Here’s the track list of the album:

Disc 1:
1. Here We Go (Radio Cut)
2. I Want You Back (Radio Edit)
3. Tearin’ Up My Heart (Original Radio Edit)
4. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (Remix)
5. Thinking Of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)
6. For The Girl Who Has Everything (Radio Mix)
7. Are You Gonna Be There
8. Music Of My Heart – Featuring Gloria Estefan
9. Bye Bye Bye
10. It’s Gonna Be Me
11. This I Promise You (Radio Edit)
12. I Thought She Knew
13. I Believe In You – Featuring Joe
14. If I’m Not The One
15. Pop (Radio Version)
16. Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix) – Featuring Nelly
17. Gone

Disc 2:
1. More Than A Feeling
2. Best Of My Life
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
4. Sailing
5. Everything I Own
6. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You – Featuring Alabama
7. Somewhere Someday
8. Trashin’ The Camp – Featuring Phil Collins
9. If Only In Heaven’s Eyes
10. You Don’t Have To Be Alone
11. On The Line – Featuring The On The Line All-Stars / Lance Bass / Joey Fatone / Mandy Moore / Christian Burns & True Vibe
12. That Girl (Will Never Be Mine)
13. Falling
14. Feel The Love
15. Selfish
16. See Right Through You
17. Believe In Yourself (TV Version – Sesame Street)

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