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Nicholas Sparks Goes Español!

Update: Nicholas Sparks has just added a new city and date for the book signing of his newest literary release, “The Longest Ride”. It’ll be on September 30th in Miami, FL, at Books & Books.

When one thinks of romance in the movies, it’s hard not to think of Nicholas Sparks being behind one of them. The American novelist, screenwriter and producer has put out so many hits that he’s now decided to go… español. Spanish readers are about to get a jolt of what it feels like to read a new book of his in Spanish during its premiere release.

This Sept. 17th, Spark’s new book, “The Longest Ride,” is coming out and for the first time a Spanish language translation of his novel will be published simultaneously with the U.S. edition.

In the U.S., Spanish language editions will be available at the following book signings:

  • September 17th in New Bern, NC (Target)
  • September 19th in New York, NY (Barnes & Noble)
  • September 20th in Charlotte, NC (Barnes & Noble)
  • September 21th in Cary, NC (Barnes & Noble)

Are you following Sparks on Twitter? He has over 2,000,000+ engaged social media fans, has 16 published novels to date and “The Longest Ride,” will be his 17th. He has sold over 90 million books worldwide and 100 percent of his novels have reached the Top 5 of the NY Times Bestseller List.

You might not be a reader but you have definitely heard of Sparks works as he’s had 8 successful book-to-film adaptations. Some of the works you definitely remember are: “A Walk to Remember” with Mandy Moore, “The Notebook” with Ryan Gosling and his most recent, “Safe Haven” with Josh Duhamel.

Here are the rest…

Nicholas Sparks movies

Right now, he has 2 film adaptations in pre-production: “The Best of Me” and the new book “The Longest Ride”. So if you’re one of those that likes to read the book before watching the film you better hurry because now it’s also going to be in Spanish! Imagine if he did a strictly romantic Spanish language romantic movie Hollywood style? Latinas could only dream… for now.

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