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Nick & Knight Drop First Music Video – “One More Time”

The two lead singers of the New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys, Jordan Knight and Nick Carter, have gotten together to create a pop duo called Nick & Knight, a la Hall and Oates, or better yet, Savage Garden, maybe Air Supply, no, how about Milli Vanilli, oh who cares, the idea is that this is a very good idea for two good singers that still have something to offer.

This team-up is like the music-lite equivalent of The Expendables, where the stars of the 80’s pop scene get together for a career revival wrapped up in a contemporary sound for today’s viewer… except it’s just two guys as opposed to 30 of them. A Nick Lachey addition would have been a nice trio concept, no?

Regardless, the duo have just released their first music video of their first single, “One More Time”. It’s well shot, but low on story concept and Jordan Knight seems to be allowing Carter to take the lead star status. I say this because Carter shows off some nifty dance moves while Jordan barely budges his body, if you can even call it that. For most of the video, Jordan is just sitting down and that is unacceptable to me. I have the highest standards for Jordan. For a guy who I once called “the greatest dancing front-man of a pop group,” he is letting me down. This constructive criticism actually goes back to 2005 when I saw him at the Culture Club in NYC while promoting an album called The Fix. My memories of him dancing indefatigably in his late-teens and in the Give It To You video to then seeing him WALKING side to side on stage was devastating. He looked geriatric. With the NKOTB reunion he had something of a dancing revival, but now with this video, he’s back to just being idle. Is he injured? Is it age, do his bones hurt? Couldn’t he remind Nick and the fans a thing or two about his dancing greatness, at least on the video?

Their full length album will drop September 2nd and then do a two-month U.S. tour beginning in Nashville on September 15th. More at

Check out their first video below. What do you think? Will the duo concept work?

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