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One Direction Makes Record-breaking Music History!

Yesterday, One Direction had much history to celebrate. It was on July 23, 2010 when Simon Cowell banded Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall together on the British version of the “X Factor.” And what better way to celebrate the band’s three year anniversary than by breaking the record for Vevo’s most-watched video in a 24-hour period – plus kicking Miley Cyrus’ butt along the way.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it was Cyrus who held the most-watched record with her off-the-wall video, “We Can’t Stop” which had 10.7 million views the day after its release.


One Direction’s new record breaking video is called “The Best Song Ever,” and in it the members put their acting skills to the test as they make a parody about music industry personas who try to change the image of the group. Niall struts a black pinstripe suit and a shaggy beard as Harvey the studio executive; Louis plays Jonny also a studio executive and dead-ringer image of Les Gros, Tom Cruises’s character in “Tropic Thunder;” Zayn rocks mermaid long hair, glasses, a button up and a body hugging pencil skirt as the sexy assistant; Harry plays Marcel the geeky and upbeat marketing guy; and Liam plays Leeroy, a dance choreographer reminiscent of Richard Simmons minus the afro.

In order to reach the record the band did put in a bit of work to get their fans support. On their Twitter account the boys enticed their fans to watch “The Best Song Ever” by having a quiz contest about the video. For every right answer they rewarded their 1D fam with pictures of each member of the band.

The final count for the 24 hours was 12.3 million views and as a thank you the band shared this video.

Although the band hasn’t quite reached Beatlemania status, they are surely escalating the ranks quickly. Besides their record views, in their short career the British-Irish heartthrobs have made two albums, gone on two world tours, released eight music videos, and won 68 awards. But, to really make you feel like you wasted all of your youth, next month alone the 19-21 year-olds will open for open for Fox’s Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 11 and release their 3D concert film “One Direction: This Is Us” opening nationwide on August 30.

So while One Direction takes over the world we here at ShowBizCafe are eagerly awaiting the debut of their film because if the band’s music video made that many views, we’re left wondering if their movie will perform just as well.

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