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Jack Rico


2017/09/18 at 10:30pm

16 Hispanic Films To See This Fall

09.18.2017 | By |

Every year, theaters release 718 movies a year. Hispanic films are a small fraction of that, but some of the best are releasing this autumn. So in order to celebrate Hispanic talent in film, especially in Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve compiled 16 movies that are either spoken in Spanish, focused on a Hispanic storyline, include a Hispanic actor in a lead role or is directed by a Hispanic. Let’s see how many of these “16 Hispanic Films To See This Fall” attract your interest. *(Stay tuned for our Fall Movie Preview on our Highly Relevant Podcast this month)  Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/15 at 6:04pm

PODCAST: Andres and Barbara Muschetti Talk ‘IT’, Bodega Talk with Liz Segran, ‘NBCLatino20’ List

09.15.2017 | By |

On this week’s episode, we are psyched to have Andres and Barbara Muschetti, the Argentinian siblings who directed and produced, respectively, the #1 movie currently in America – the horror film “IT”. We discuss how “IT” draws parallels to the Trump administration and the current state of the country, the reason they didn’t cast a Latino kid actor and what Guillermo del Toro texted them on opening weekend.   Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/14 at 9:32am

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Broadway Musical: The First Official Production Photos

09.14.2017 | By |

*Update: We have new footage of the curtain call Opening Night in Denver. See below.
Here are the first production photos of Disney Theatrical’s new Broadway musical Frozen which you can see above. The pre-Broadway engagement at the Buell Theatre in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts opens tonight and continues through October 1, 2017. This Broadway-bound Frozen, a full-length stage work told in two acts, is the first and only incarnation of the tale that expands upon and deepens its indelible plot and themes through new songs and story material from the film’s creators; in fact, this new stage production features more than twice as much music as the film.  Like the Disney Theatrical Broadway musicals that have come before it, it is a full evening of theatre running over two hours. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/10 at 9:27pm

41 Fall Trailers That Inspired Me To Watch Movies Again

09.10.2017 | By |

A confession. I stopped watching movies for a while. Call it movie burn-out or the unequivocal fact that television is the new movies. Whatever the reasons, I needed a break from the two-hour suck ups I couldn’t get back. I was seeing so much junk that I felt guilty I wasn’t using the time in my life more efficiently. Then I saw the trailers of the new movies releasing this fall and I actually got excited, thrilled in fact. Apart from some gems, this 2017 has been the pits in Hollywood which is why these 41 trailers I’m now sharing with you, should get you excited too. These movies speak to me somehow, either to my passions, interests and likes or have reminded me of a past experience I’ve had or the fantasy of a future one I’m interested in having. So without further delay, here are “41 Fall Trailers That Inspired Me To Watch Movies Again”. *(Stay tuned for our Fall Movie Preview on our Highly Relevant Podcast this month) Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/09 at 11:07am

PODCAST: #DACA And What It Means To You, Are Kids Cursing In Movies Ethical?, Review of ‘IT’ Movie

09.9.2017 | By |

If you are someone who’s been hearing about DACA this whole week and are curious about how it works and why it’s so important, we talk to Caitlin Patler, she basically holds a Ph.D. in #DACA, and has written several important papers on the subject. She joins us to explain in detail what you need to know. Then, what’s with kids cursing in movies? Between the Bad Moms 2 trailer and the IT clown movie, has Hollywood lost its values? We talk to Tara McNamara, an authority on family films about why parents have been silent on the topic. And speaking of the new horror remake of IT, we have our FIRST REACTION of the film. Is it really scary and was “it” worth the wait? Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/06 at 9:03am

Trailer: Could ‘Mudbound’ Be Netflix’s First Best Pic Oscar Bait?

09.6.2017 | By |

From director/co-writer Dee Rees, comes the ambitious new film Mudbound, which premiered to great acclaim at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Set against the backdrop of the Mississippi Delta during the Jim Crow era after World War II, Mudbound is both a timeless and timely film following two families – one black, one white – bound together by the hardships of farm life. Starring Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Jason Mitchell, Mary J. Blige, Rob Morgan, Jonathan Banks and Garrett Hedlund. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/09/01 at 1:04pm

PODCAST: Sports Illustrated Goes Latino, The Future of Latin Music in the US

09.1.2017 | By |

We’re sending love and prayers to Houston, Texas. On this week’s episode, our good friend Luis Miguel Echegaray, the head of Latino content for Sports Illustrated stopped by to talk about their new initiative for Hispanic sports fans.  Also, as the ‘Despacito’ phenomenon winds down, where does Latin music go from here? Some say it has a bright future in mainstream, others aren’t as optimistic. Pop culture writer Julyssa Lopez visits the show to discuss her most recent article in the Washington Post titled, “What’s next for Latin music after the summer of ‘Despacito?” where she explores these questions thoroughly. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/08/31 at 6:53pm

PODCAST: A Breakdown of John Leguizamo’s Billboard Article and What It Means For All Latinos

08.31.2017 | By |

Colombian Actor John Leguizamo has had enough with how Hollywood treats Latinos. This week he wrote an article on, “From Music to Movies to TV, Latinos Are Widely Underrepresented – And I’m Done With It” and he essentially calls out executives for being ignorant and blind, he calls out Latinos for being silent and not doing anything to improve the situation and he calls out mainstream media for mostly dismissing our culture altogether. Is he right? Our good friend Kellvin Chavez, founder of and EIC of weighs in on what Leguizamo got right and wrong about Latinos in Hollywood. Have a listen above ⬆️. Read More

Jack Rico


2017/08/29 at 10:48am

Netflix Announces Premiere Date for ‘The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story’

08.29.2017 | By |

Netflix, the world’s leading internet television network, announced today the biographical series The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story will debut exclusively on Netflix October 20, 2017. Read More

Andrea Huswan


2017/08/28 at 3:39pm

If Only (Off-Broadway Review)

08.28.2017 | By |

The 1-4-0: #IfOnly is an entrancing play that “explores a love and a racial equality that might have been.” This is the play that will tug at one’s heartstrings. Read More

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