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Peter Sarsgaard explains why he almost said no to Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’

It is rare to get anything revealing or honest out of an actor at a junket interview. Actually, it’s almost impossible. I’ve had my shares though where I have broken through. My interview with Peter Sarsgaard for Blue Jasmine was one of those interviews filled where he just opened up without a care in the world. But perhaps the answer that most stands out from this interview is his sincere and emotional confession of almost having to turn down the role Woody Allen offered him for Blue Jasmine.

Watch the interview and listen to Sarsgaard explain why he almost said no to Woody.

The project about his colleague dying is still a mystery to me. I’ve hit the phones to ascertain more info on this enigmatic death no one knows about. Who was this “main character”?

And in case you didn’t know, his wife who was having the baby back in April, is actress Maggie Gyllenhall, sister of Jake Gyllenhall.

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