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Podcast: 2018 World Cup Preview, Telemundo’s Viviana Vila Makes History

We’re days away from the biggest soccer event in the world, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and we’re devoting the whole show to the World Cup. We’ll be speaking in Spanish to Argentine sports journalist Viviana Vila (2:46), who this year will become the first Latina to provide commentary for a men’s World Cup on Telemundo. I’ll discuss with her if her Argentine accent will be a problem for Mexican soccer fans, the struggles she had to endure to sit at the table of a male-dominated anchor team, and if we’ll ever see the first female play by play announcer anytime soon.

Then we do a World Cup Preview of all 10 Hispanic teams competing in the tournament with Luis Miguel Echegaray (23:48), the Head of Latino Content at Sports Illustrated. Will any of them go to the finals?

Episode Summary

Viviana Vila interview – 3:48

  • How this historic opportunity presented itself: 4:42
  • With Aly Wagner and herself, why are these opportunities presenting themselves now? 5:43
  • Challenges with men she had to overcome in her career: 7:54
  • How she’s preparing herself to color commentate for the World Cup: 11:02
  • If her Argentine accent will make Mexican soccer fans uncomfortable: 12:46
  • When will she do play-by-play? 14:48
  • Who she thinks the final four teams will be and if Messi will go back to the Final: 16:25
  • Her thoughts on who will be in the Finals: 18:07
  • Colombia’s chances: 18:42

JackedIN (US Latino Pop News Recap) segment- 22:06

Sports Illustrated’s Luis Miguel Echegaray 2018 World Cup Preview of all 10 Hispanic teams – 23:47

  • Peru: 25:30
  • Colombia: 30:14
  • Panama: 32:53
  • Mexico: 35:42
  • Costa Rica: 43:04
  • Brazil: 46:07
  • Argentina: 48:08
  • Portugal: 52:50
  • Spain: 55:47
  • Uruguay: 58:03

Musical weekend playlist: 

Cuando Tu Quieras – J Balvin

Icon (Spanish Remix) – Jaden Smith (feat. Nicky Jam)

Live It Up – Nicky Jam, Will Smith, Era Isteri, produced by Diplo

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