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PODCAST: Adrian Martinez Talks ‘I Feel Pretty’ and Perseverance, Allison Strong Talks Netflix’s ‘The Week Of’ and Being Bilingual

Adrian Martinez and Allison Strong join the show today to chat about going at it in Hollywood as Latinx actors. Adrian is in Amy Schumer’s controversial new film “I Feel Pretty,” out in theaters now. We talked why the movie’s premise has angered some women, if he thinks “beauty” is a fact or an opinion, and his #1 advice for any Latinx actor wanting to break into the business. Allison is a proud Colombian-American actress who has a new movie “The Week Of” coming out on Netflix April 27thwith Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, plus, she discusses her personal experiences of what acting in Hollywood is like for a bilingual actress; and she reveals the best lesson she learned from Steve Buschemi.


Adrian Martinez discusses his role in Amy Schumer’s new movie “I Feel Pretty” – 1:04

  • How many movies has he been in – 1:56
  • Why he still has to prove himself after 100 acting credits in Hollywood – 2:33
  • Playing the game Hollywood wants you to play with them – 3:27
  • Summary of “I Feel Pretty” – 5:03
  • Why the movie doesn’t use the word “ugly” – 7:55
  • Is beauty fact or opinion? 9:18
  • Personal story on people’s view of him and his wife -10:02
  • Social commentary of “I Feel Pretty” – 11:54
  • How he overcame rejection in Hollywood – 14:10
  • Why he hasn’t done Spanish-language movies – 16:21

Amy Schumer and Adrian Martinez star in I FEEL PRETTY

JackedIN Segment (recap of pop culture stories) – 20:16

Allison Strong discusses her new movie on Netflix, “The Week Of” – 22:19

  • How she got the part in the movie – 23:10
  • What getting the role meant for her – 26:50
  • What it was like working with Adam Sandler – 29:36
  • What she learned from working with Steve Buscemi – 30:54
  • The pros of being a bilingual actor in Hollywood – 33:09
  • Being “ethnically ambiguous” in Hollywood – 34:32
  • Challenges of being a Latinx actor during the audition process – 35:41
  • Her love for Colombian culture – 40:59
  • Speed Round Q&A – 42:26

Allison Strong in Netflix’s ‘The Week of’

Musical weekend playlist: 44:27

100 Grados – Lali and Achal

Let Me – ZAYN 

Guerrera – DellaFuente, C. Tangana

Tease of Eugenio Derbez episode next week – 45:34

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