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Sneak listen at our new #HighlyRelevant podcast episode 🎧🎧 🎧:

PODCAST: Andres and Barbara Muschetti Talk ‘IT’, Bodega Talk with Liz Segran, ‘NBCLatino20’ List

On this week’s episode, we are psyched to have Andres and Barbara Muschetti, the Argentinian siblings who directed and produced, respectively, the #1 movie currently in America – the horror film “IT”. We discuss how “IT” draws parallels to the Trump administration and the current state of the country, the reason they didn’t cast a Latino kid actor and what Guillermo del Toro texted them on opening weekend.  Did you guys hear about this BODEGA thing that went viral this week? We talk to two woman, one who wrote the article, Elizabeth Segran, and she tells us her reaction of her story going viral and the passionate people of all cultures who went in defense of bodegas. Then we chat with Jessica Ramos, the Director of Latino Media for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who chimes in on the cultural significance bodegas have with New Yorkers. Diego del Sol curates some out of this world music for us and we end the show with Sandra Lilley, Managing Editor of She calls in to give us the exclusive on their first BIG list – the “NBCLatino20“. Who made the list?


Andres y Barbara Muschetti talk success of horror movie “IT” – 2:50

JackedIN (recap of pop culture stories) – 19:22

Jessica Ramos on bodegas in NYC – 22:00

Liz Segran on her BODEGA article that caused a social media firestorm – 30:45

Diego del Sol’s weekend playlist – 41:33

Wait – Max New

Pasión y Vida – Los Angeles Negros

Mini Symph #1 – Moondog

(Exclusive) NBCLatino’s Sandra Lilley on the “NBCLatino 20” List – 49:07

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