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PODCAST: April Reign on Boycotting HBO’s ‘Confederate,’ How Will Venezuela’s Problems Affect US Latinos?

On the podcast this week, we talk MTV’s TRL reboot and how they need to seize the Latino music opportunity to be successful, plus, we discuss HBO and it’s controversial new slave series ‘Confederate’ with the creator of the #OscarSoWhite April Reign. She and four women have now created the #NoConfederate campaign to boycott the show. Will HBO succumb to social media pressure?

Also, Venezuela has spun into utter chaos and the US has imposed financial sanctions that could cripple it for good. Rafael Bernal, reporter for The Hill Latino, joins me to discuss how these sanctions will affect gas prices in the US and if Venezuela will ever regain its prosperity.

And if you’re interested in knowing what to watch this month, I had a chance to visit the TODAY Show with my August Preview of what to see in theaters and on TV.


MTV’s TRL reboot and the Latino opportunity :15

The Hill Latino’s Rafael Bernal on Venezuela and its murky future 4:33

JackedIN (recap of pop culture stories) – 22:11

April Reign discusses her new social media campaign #NoConfederate against HBO – 23:39

This week’s music playlist – 31:05

Unforgettable (Latin Remix) – French Montana (feat. J Balvin)

Rollin – Calvin Harris (feat. Future and Khalid)

Gran Ciudad (Barzo Remix) – Debi Nova

TODAY Show August Movie and TV Preview 32:10

Univision’s Jorge Ramos TED Talk on Journalism 35:34

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