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PODCAST: Is MTV Culturally Bias Against Spanish-language Music? Bomba Estéreo Talks AYO and Spanglish

We’re sending our love and prayers to the people of Barcelona who suffered a senseless terrorist attack. But on a lighter note, this is probably one the best podcast shows we’ve done. We chat with Mesfin Fekadu, music editor of the Associated Press, who broke the story about Despacito not being nominated at this year’s VMA’s. Did this happen because of cultural bias? We dissect all the variables, along with some of our thoughts on whether MTV should start playing Spanish-language music videos. Then I talk to Colombia’s hottest band of the moment, Bomba Estéreo, about their new album AYO, music and race, coca leaves, payola in the music business, and their love for the street language of Spanglish.

There’s a film no one’s been able to stop talking about and that’s Dunkirk. I reviewed the 70MM IMAX experience with my brother Alex in a new segment I’m calling First Reaction because the review is done inside the theater as you get to hear our immediate reaction as the end credits are rolling.

Also, I went on the TODAY show this week and recommended my top 8 must-binge TV shows!


Mesfin Fekadu, Music Editor of the AP on MTV, Universal Latin, ‘Despacito’ controversy – 2:03

  • What made this story newsworthy 3:34
  • Who is right in this controversy? 9:00
  • Is MTV culturally bias against Spanish-language music? 11:31
  • Latin music influencing mainstream English-language music 14:19
  • Why the new TRL needs to include Spanish-language music 16:44
  • Will Latin music become mainstream in the next 3-5 years? 19:21

JackedIN (recap of pop culture stories) – 22:18

Bomba Estéreo interview – 24:44

  • Why they weren’t into Colombian music growing up – 30:07
  • Their spiritual journey to create the AYO album – 32:49
  • The problems and benefits of album deadlines – 34:10
  • Coca leaves are not a drug – 35:20
  • How is AYO different than AMANECER? 36:46
  • Dealing with fame – 37:20
  • Radio airplay and payola – 39:17
  • Social Media and music – 41:44
  • Growing big and playing stadiums – 44:19
  • Their music and race – 44:52
  • Spanglish – 46:51
  • Musical influences – 49:59

This week’s music playlist – 52:35

La Que Me Gusta – Los Amigos Invisibles

Slide – Calvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean and Migos)

Somos Dos – Bomba Estéreo 

Lion King Giveaway – 53:30

First Reaction: DUNKIRK (Movie Review) – 54:09

TODAY Show “Binge-Worthy” TV Shows 1:01:51

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