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PODCAST: Natalia Lafourcade discusses Coco’s “Remember Me”, R&B star Miguel, “Musas Vol. 2”

Natalia Lafourcade, 33, is a highly acclaimed Mexican singer/songwriter who was recently nominated for Best Latin Pop Album at the 60th Annual Grammys for her album, Musas Vol.1 (Un homenaje al folclore Latinoamericano en manos de Los Macorinos), and is also the singer for the Oscar nominated song “Remember Me” from Pixar’s hit film “Coco”. 

In this episode, Natalia and I sit down to talk about her upcoming album “Musas Vol. 2,” out February 9th. We tackled the question…what’s better… a Grammy or a Latin Grammy?  We then strayed into the subject of the music business, reggaeton, Broadway and how that song “Remember Me” came into her life.

Episode Summary

Potentially performing at the Oscars

How Disney approached her about Coco’s “Remember Me”

Working with R&B star Miguel

Is a Grammy more important than a Latin Grammy

Musas Vol. 2 album

“Hu Hu Hu” album

Dreaming of Broadway

Music business and reggaeton

Natalia Lafourcade explains her concert experience

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