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PODCAST: US Latino Pop Stars Singing In Spanish… A Business Move or A Cultural Rediscovery?

You’ve heard them – Miguel, Demi Lovato, Becky G, Jennifer Lopez – all US Latino pop stars who randomly decided to sing in Spanish. Why? What were the reasons behind it? Is it a money grabbing business move or is it a genuine rediscovery of their cultural roots? Music journalist Isabela Raygoza and myself explore whether Latino music listeners buy into their strategy to reach them in their language or if it stinks of commerce.

“Language – it doesn’t define your identity, but it reinforces it.” – Isabela Raygoza

Episode Summary

-Miguel and Demi Lovato singing in Spanish

-Cultural differences between US Latinos and Latin Americans

-Reasons why US Latino pop stars sing in Spanish

-Phoniness vs Authenticity

-Criteria for being a Spanish-language Latino artist

-American accents in Spanish singing

-Selena and her bilingualness

-Jennifer Lopez first Spanish album

-Beyonce Spanish album

-Music and identity politics

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