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PODCAST: Vanity Fair’s ‘J-ROD’ Cover With Writer Bethany McLean, Walter Perez On Eating Good with ‘EATGUD’

The new Vanity Fair December issue is out and two Latinos are on the cover – Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, also now known as J-ROD. I talk to the Bethany Mclean, the writer who spent several days with them to do the cover story and we discussed everything from why Latinos are rarely on the cover of Vanity Fair, the how to of her writing process and how she discovered the trait that bonds them together. 

And if you’re ever in Los Angeles, South Gate to be exact, and you’re looking to eat healthy food, you might wanna give Eatgud a shot. It’s the vision of a Latino couple, Walter Perez and his wife Briggitte (19:19), him a Hollywood actor from The Avengers and her a business woman, who recently had a child, and at the cost of their life savings they wanted to improve the health of their Latino community and make-a-go of it as small business entrepreneurs.

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