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Pop-Off: Ciara vs. Kim Kardashian. Who’s Having The Better Engagement?

I always thought October was the season for frights and pumpkin pie, but apparently it is also the season of engagements. This month Kim Kardashian and Ciara got affianced around the same time. I know you are itching to know which lucky lady is having the best engagement so far, so let the Pop-Off begin!

Before the engagement:

Kanye West and Kim have been together for two years, but up until the beginning of October it seemed that marriage was out of the question. On July Radar Online learned that Kanye did not want to wed this year because of his world tour and doubts about marrying into the Kardashian clan because of all the scrutiny they are always under. This month the publication then learned that he was telling friends “he has no need or desire to make their relationship official in the eyes of the law,” the source said. According to the same source Kim felt the same way.

Future and Ciara have been together for a year, but in August they were warming up the fans and media for their engagement. Ciara explained on the Kris Jenner show that love is now a priority for her. “You have to make time, because that’s where you find your sanity,” she told Jenner. “If you just commit to work every day … you can lose yourself. Love is really important to me.” Later that month Future told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that Ciara was his future. Seven years ago he told his brother that “he would have her one day,” he said. “This is it. I don’t get into nothing to get out. We haven’t set a date, but this is the one.”

Hands down, Ciara wins this round: In the media she and Future spoke about their love and admiration for each other, the engagement seems like a natural step for them.  On the other hand, Kanye’s and Kim’s engagement seems forced because he went from not wanting to get married to suddenly asking for her hand.


On Oct. 21 Kanye surprised Kim for her 33rd birthday with a surprise celebration at the AT&T Park stadium in San Francisco where he proposed while a 50-piece orchestra played and the jumbo screen displayed “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!”


This past weekend while Ciara celebrated her 28th birthday in NYC, Future popped the question on one knee.

Kim takes this round. There is no competition here.



Kanye gave Kim a jaw dropping ring made by Lorraine Schwartz envisioned and designed by the rapper, according to a rep for the jeweler. The diamond is D-flawless, meaning the best color, clarity and cut there is. It is also Kimberly registered –verified for not financing violence by rebel movements– the rep added. Celebrity jewelry expert Michael O’Connor told E! News it most likely cost in the $2.5 to $3 million range.


Future presented his R&B love with an impressive 15-carat emerald-cut diamond ring designed by Avianne & Co. A rep explained that the rapper-producer and the Jewelry Company blended ring styles by looking “through several molds and concept models before landing on the proper design, which allowed for maximum shine and stability in the diamonds.” The rep added that the ring cost just over half a million dollars.

No doubt, Kim takes the lead on this one.

With her extravagant ring and proposal by Kanye, Kim is surely having the best engagement and making more than a few ladies jealous at the same time. Although I am extremely happy for the couple and adorable parents, I can’t help but to be a bit doubtful about the engagement. Is it forced or is Kanye being his normal spontaneous self? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Share your thoughts about this week’s pop-off in the comments below. 

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