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Pop-Off: “Work Bitch” vs. “Pour it Up,” Who’s Video Is Better?

Between Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” and Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” we have two new videos, two fierce divas and too much sexiness. But which is the hottest video? Let the Pop-Off begin!

Round One: Fashion

Rihanna rocks barely-there bodysuits, crystal necklaces, chunky belts, and wigs of varying lengths. Britney styles cropped bustiers, micro shorts, a pencil skirt, a full corset and killer stilettos; combinations which put the focus on her new bod. Britney’s figure might be to die for, but her fashion falls short compared to that of Rihanna whose first look alone obliterates all of Britney’s.

In the opening scene of “Pour It Up” the Barbadian struts in with a floor-length fur coat, a crystal bra that just covers her nipples, a red thong with a complimenting jean thong, long black gloves with red nails, an alluring crystal choker, black-and-gold sunnies, and an amazing Marilyn Monroe-styled platinum blonde wig.

Winner: Hands down Rihanna.

Round two: Dance

“Pour it Up” centers on Rihanna sitting on a gold throne showing of her money while intermittent shots of strippers doing intricate moves, a dancer twerking in a pool, and other images of the singer twerking, as well as dancing around a pole fade in and out.  “Work Bitch” goes back and forth between shots of Britney alone and with her dancers. Though her dancing has deteriorated some since her “Baby One More Time” days, it’s still good and of course having a pack of great dancers helps a lot.

Frankly, I am tired of the twerking and would have preferred more emphasis on the pole dancing because the idea ties in with the song and the stunts those women do are mind blowing. The dancing in Britney’s video is simple (perhaps so Britney can keep up) but with a combination of great backup dancers and good camera work it looks strong.

No one is saying that Rihanna should do a whole dance routine, but we all know she can dance. Britney’s simple choreography was intelligent, edgy and sexy enough to kick Rihanna’s twerking ass.

Winner: Britney Spears takes this round.

Round three: Videography

“Pour it Up” is low-lit with changing color lights, raining dollar bills, and strippers – the quintessential strip club vibe. There are various shots fading in and out during one main scene and it feels overwhelming and messy. Furthermore, the shots themselves are boring tending to stay on a frontal image of the singer and dancers slowly zooming in and out, or moving up and down. Yes the song has a slow feel so these gentle shots work, but visual impact could have been increased through differing angles and more camera play.

“Work Bitch” uses a pop of white in each shot which directs the eye straight to the singer, and gives the shots a crisp clean quality. In the video every single shot is valuable, instead of combing or fading there are clean cuts in between each of them.  The director also goes as far as using the music to play with the lens making it go in and out to reflect Britney’s singing. Furthermore, the camera is always in motion zooming in quickly, pulling away slowly, coming down closer to the dance number like a bird swooping down, or getting closer to the singer on an diagonal and then moving on to the dancers. Over all it is fun, beautiful and fresh.

Winner: Spears killed it on this round.

And with two knock-outs Spears wins this Pop-Off! Congrats to her and director Ben Mor, we look forward to your next creations.

In the comments below let us know what your thoughts on this Pop-Off segment? Should Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” have taken the crown?

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