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Rating: 3.0

Rated: Not available
Release Date: 2010-07-09
Starring: Alex Litvak & Michael Finch
Film Genre:
Official Website:

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Predators, a re-invention of the film that was made popular by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, is what should have been Predator 2 from 1990. For me, Predators, with an ‘S,’ is a cross between a remake and a sequel.

The plot is very similar – a group of murderers are best hunted in a game by three aliens known as Predators.

The film is not as good as the original version. While for DVD it’s entertaining, I hope you didn’t spend your money for it in the theater.

The action is a bit weak and there are no charismatic characters as Arnold was. Not much here to please.

The film features a modest cast: Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Alice Braga and Adrien Brody.

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