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Salma Hayek in trailer for comedy "Grown Ups 2"

Salma Hayek in trailer for comedy "Grown Ups 2"

“I want to get chocolate wasted” is without a doubt one of the most epic movie quotes of our generation from child Latina actress Alexys Nycole Sanchez. From college frat boys at a house party to 10-year-old kids at an ice cream parlor we’ve all said it and loved it, loved it so much that the movie “Grown Ups” is back for a second round.

Columbia Pictures released the trailer for “Grown Ups 2” this week. The most exciting part for us is that the Latin mother-daughter duo is back with Selma Hayek and Alexys Nycole Sanchez still playing Roxanne and Becky, the wife and daughter of Lenny (Adam Sandler). The rest of the gang: Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Maya Rudolph, Maria Bello and Nick Swardson will also be back for second servings. 

In the film, Lenny and his family have moved out of the city to live in the same small town he and his friends grew up in and where they all vacationed last in order to give his kids a better life. The film also brings in new characters to do cameo appearances: Shaquille O’Neil as a silly cop, Taylor Lautner as frat bro “whaaaa,” Andy Samberg as a sexy, car-washing cheerleader and what seems to be an SNL reunion with other current and past members also doing appearances.

After “Grown Ups” banked more than $160 million dollars in the U.S. three years ago, it’s not hard to see why Sandler is making a sequel and although I do not think it is this summer’s most awaited film, it seems like it is just as fun and lighthearted as the first one and definitely has a fighting chance against the big dogs. Other factors that will surely aid the film in battle are the fact that it is a family oriented comedy and Salma Hayek.

A lot of Latinos, especially Latino families will be attracted to go catch the film this summer because Hayek is the representation of them, she is an immigrant parent who has a heavy Spanish accent and English speaking kids. Not to mention Hayek is a Hispanic household name, whether the abuela remembers her as Teresa from her Spanish soap opera days or the little ones as Kitty Softpaws in “Puss in Boots,” there is no doubt that we all know her and love her.

You can catch “Grown Ups 2” in theaters this July 12. 

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