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Sigh. We've always known NICE GUYS finish last 😔.

‘Sex and the City 3’: A Trilogy or a Tragedy?

'Sex and the City 3': A Trilogy or a Tragedy?

Sex and the City’ has been nothing short of a phenomenon.  From the onset, the series, the girls and the city they lived in was an immediate hit, drawing millions of viewers to HBO, later TBS and now the Box Office. The draw is one that is still strong today 12 years later.  Proof of this can be seen on Perry Street in the West Village, where one is almost guaranteed to see fans, mostly young and middle aged women, posing in front of a chained-off townhouse with a sign reading “NO TRESPASSING”.

After some deconstruction of the phenomenon,  I believe it really boils down to 3 things: fabulousity, nostalgia and hope.

You can say whatever you want about the recent movie ‘Sex and the City 2’ … but one thing is for sure is that the power of the brand remains strong.  

So strong that I agree with Sarah Jessica that they should complete the trilogy with a third and final run.

My advice to her though is to remember the three things that made you.
1- Fabulousity. We want fabulousity but we want it to feel real. Abu Dhabi was fun, but in hindsight the Hamptons may have been more authentic.  
2- Nostalgia.  Tap into this powerful emotion, but do it remembering to be relevant today.  Why did we relate? who did we relate to? But keep it real. Don’t go over the top with the characters and don’t forget the times.
3- Hope. Here you have been nailing it.  At the end of the day, whatever twists and turns life puts in front of Carrie and her posse… they survive and thrive, holding their cosmos in bejeweled hands.

So here is to the final ‘Sex and the City 3.’  One with “NO TRESPASSING”.

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