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Shakira Meets Rihanna: 4 Other Duets She Has To Do Next

Shakira’s new single featuring Rihanna “Can’t Remember To Forget You” IS OFF THE HOOK! This is a duet made in heaven because it was unforeseen and in the music world that is worth a million bucks. The song starts with a danceable reggae rhythm and is amazingly offset by intersections of headbanging hard-rock, combination that flawlessly fuses the musical essences of each singer.

In the early 90s when Shakira hit the Latin American music scene she was known for her rock-influenced sound which helped spawn her break out album “Pies Descalzos.” Since then the singer has toyed with dance-pop, salsa, merengue, tango, Colombian folklore, reggaeton among other genres. This song will call the attention of fans who were begging for the singer to go back to rock, as well as new international fans who love her experimental edge. Same thing with the Rihanna whom we met in 2005 through the Caribbean sounds of “Pon de Replay.” She has since concentrated more on dance-pop, RnB and Hip-Pop, but with this reggae-tinged tune she is giving a long-awaited salute to her roots.

I am loving the combination of these two international divas so much that it got me thinking about what other unexpected artist does the Barranquillera need to make music with? And friends, after hours of pondering I have your answer! Here are the four duets that Shakira has to do in the future:

Get down with  Robin Thicke

Oh you know you would pay to see them together because they would set the stage ablaze. Forget the the MTV Awards, Shak doesn’t get down like that. But just imagine her bringing out the Latin Side in Thicke and him bringing out a wilder side in her. This would be reggaeton and pop meets RnB, how hot does that sound?!

Controversial with Kanye West

West is all about taking everything to the next level, and making everyone’s jaws drop which is exactly what this duet would do! To me this partnership screams a samba infused hip-hop that would take the  rough edge that West brought to his latest “Black Skin Head,” and add an interesting yet commercial twist if Shak contributed the always infectious rhythms of samba.

Tongues out with Miley Cyrus

I know, nuts, but give it a chance! The partnership would take a lot of work to figure out because Miley is over the top with her sexuality and still is exploring who she is as an artist, while Shakira is already a veteran musician who has her sexuality and craft all figured out. But I know exactly what they need in order to make it work, Pharrel Williams of course.  Williams is a master at finding the balance between opposing worlds and this is a challenge I would love to see him accept.  It’s tough to say exactly what combination of genres would work for these two ladies, but I do think Shak would have to go more urban with a tinge of pop, so reggaeton would most likely be the her best bet.

Salsita with Marc Anthony

This pairing is by far my favorite! Like Shakira, the Puerto Rican singer isn’t afraid to play with new music – anyone remember or even knew about his freestyling days?!  If Shak were to bring Colombian-Caribbean sounds from cumbia, champeta and mapale, (all Afro-Colombian in origin) and if Anthony were to bring the salsa he is known for, but with a drop of dance-pop, I can guarantee that they would have the biggest club hit of the year. The Afro-Latin contribution would bring in a powerful and danceable beat highlighted by dominating drums and percussion, and the dance-pop would allow it to reach mainstream audiences.

Shakira has already teamed up with Beyoncé and now Rihanna, perhaps she’s hooked on R&B? What other artists do you think she should duet with next? Let us know in the comments below.

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