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‘Skyfall’ owns the box office

'Skyfall' owns the box office

The new 007 film ‘Skyfall’ takes over the box office by storm, with an outstanding $87.8 million ($90mil with its Thursday IMAX opening) dollars opening at number one. This is the highest earning debut for a Bond film, out of all the 23 films that have been produced in the last 50 years. There are a number of things that got it there, one of them was Javier Bardem’s involvement in the film; the Spanish actor just got a star in Hollywood’s walk of  fame and Latinos as one of the ever more influential movie going audiences certainly backed him up. The secret agent’s four year absence from the big screen, along with the tremendous amount of publicity and Daniel Craig’s acclaim from the last films all added up to its success as well.


Last week’s number one ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ dropped to number two with $33.1 million dollars. The animated family film still is holding its own, it remains to be seen how well it will hold up against ‘The Rise of the Guardians’ due in two weeks.

Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ ended up on the third spot with $15.1 million dollars. The film has become the actor’s second biggest success of the year and Paramount is still enjoying its success seeing that Bond didn’t crush it completely and it has already earned past its production cost.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. Skyfall – $87.8 mil

2. Wreck-It Ralph – $33.1 mil

3. Flight – $15.1 mil

4. Argo – $6.7 mil

5. Taken 2 – $4 mil

6. Here Comes the Boom – $2.6 mil

7. Cloud Atlas – $2.5 mil

8. Pitch Perfect – $2.5 mil

9. The Man With the Iron Fists – $2.5 mil

10. Hotel Transylvania – $2.4 mil

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