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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – Four Official Stills

If you have had a chance to see the 88 second first teaser trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you should watch it again. Why? Most people watch things superficially, similar to how people tend to listen to the lyrics of a song without really understanding the heartbreak or the joy the composer meant. In these first four photos of the film, there is much to be said if you dig deeper for a meaning or clues to what J.J Abrams has left us.

Let’s begin with John Boyega (Attack The Block). He pops up exasperating wearing a stormtrooper suit. My speculation is that he was on a covert mission, got found out, took a spaceship, landed in some desert and is now looking for a way back to… who or what? PS: Boyega should play a young Mike Tyson in a movie. He looks so much like him.

We move onto the mostly unknown Daisy Ridley. We see her, perhaps in the same desert planet, scared out of her mind, riding away in a hurry in a speeder from something, perhaps stormtroopers.

Third, we have a black cloaked person. I’m assuming this is the introduction to the principal villain of the film who might be some sort of cybernetic villain. According to the still, he has lit a lightsaber, but I’ve never seen this type of lightsaber. It seems to look like a cross. Whenever someone has a special sword, or in this case a super-enhanced lightsaber, it means this dude is no joke.

Then finally, the fourth still brings us to the iconic Falcon. It’s what I will presume the same one that houses Harrison Ford, er, Han Solo I mean, inside. He seems to still have his air-fighting skills intact since the Falcon does some fancy maneuvers while leveling the bad guys.

Who knows if my speculations are even remotely close, but this is the type of excitement this franchise evokes in us.

What are your thoughts? What do you think these stills mean? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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