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The Latino Significance of Pixar’s #Coco: @Carlos_Film @mcastimovies

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Andrea Huswan


2017/06/29 at 8:45am

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Movie Review)

06.29.2017 | By |

The 1-4-0:  #SpiderManHomecoming is hands down the best Spider-Man reboot to date. Read More

Jack Rico


2016/12/13 at 11:44am

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Movie Review)

12.13.2016 | By |

The 1-4-0: #RogueOne is not a better film experience than #TheForceAwakens, but it is a solid sci-fi, action film that provides high entertainment value and some nostalgic “cameos” for old-school fans. Read More

Jack Rico


2016/03/13 at 5:37pm

Sacha Baron Cohen Talks Shock Comedy, “Donald Trump’s AIDS”

03.13.2016 | By |

Sacha Baron Cohen was in NYC this past week to talk about his new action comedy – The Brothers Grimsby – a James Bond like buddy film where moments can get VERY uncomfortable amongst brothers. Spanish actress and Oscar winner Penélope Cruz co-stars in it, but much like Zoolander 2, she has been opting for comedy as of late (which sounds more like she can’t get any quality work and money is running dry).   Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/11/06 at 9:35am

Spectre (Movie Review)

11.6.2015 | By |

*The following review features some mighty big SPOILERS, so proceed with caution.

The 1-4-0: Despite an electric opening, #Spectre fails to live up to standards of Casino Royale or Skyfall. Read More

Luis Ortega


2015/06/11 at 7:20pm

The Redeemer (Movie Review)

06.11.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: #Redeemer is a hard-hitting beat-em-up action film held back by some glaring flaws. Read More

Jack Rico


2015/01/10 at 5:10pm

Taken 3 (Movie Review)

01.10.2015 | By |

The “1-4-0″: #Taken3 is already up for worst movie of 2015. Between stilted dialogue, a laughable villain & embarrassing performances, this is more comedy than thriller. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/08/06 at 12:47pm

Into The Storm (Movie Review)

08.6.2014 | By |

The “1-4-0″: #IntotheStorm is a Twister knockoff that offers some great VFX natural disaster scenes, but ultimately falls short on story and acting. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/05/01 at 5:08pm

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Movie Review)

05.1.2014 | By |

The “1-4-0″: #AmazingSpiderman2 is a heavy teenage romance story a la Twilight franchise, but with superheroes and action bits. Women will like this film. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/04/27 at 3:06pm

Brick Mansions (Movie Review)

04.27.2014 | By |

The “1-4-0″: Full of subpar acting, a ludicrous plot and flimsy dialogue, #BrickMansions hoisted up a cinematic brick. Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/04/02 at 5:53pm

New Trailer: “Lucy”

04.2.2014 | By |

If LUCY is not the most exciting trailer I’ve seen in a long time, I don’t know what is. The 2 minute 31 second clip is packed full of anxiety, ass kicking, superhuman powers, and even comedy – this one will definitely give the rest of the box office films a run for their money. Read More

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