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Alex Rodriguez Archives -

Alex Rodriguez Archives -

Jack Rico


2013/08/08 at 6:00am

Should Hollywood Make An A-Rod Movie?

It was painful to watch Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez at the press conference the other evening in Chicago. He seemed regretful to be in this public position again – accused of taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. He never confessed to it, but he also never denied it, which in itself, is a sign of culpability in the court of public opinion.  For this, he has been suspended by MLB commissioner Bud Selig to 211 games for violating the games drug policy. That means all of this season and all of next. He’s lucky he didn’t get a lifetime ban which is what Selig was looking for. The unruly crowd of reporters from every corner of the world amassed in the press room to cover the event, but let’s be frank, to also be part of a notorious moment in sports history. It all so felt like a movie – as if Al Capone was addressing the Chicago police department on national TV.

Because that presser felt like The Untouchables and because Alex’s whole life is like a movie, I beg the question… should Hollywood make an A-Rod movie?  Read More

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