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@alecaballerosu1 I'm sure you've been told you look just like Amelie.

American Idol Archives -

American Idol Archives -

Mariana Dussan


2014/01/23 at 11:39am

Is Jennifer Lopez Worth The $17.5 million on ‘American Idol’?

01.23.2014 | By |

Is anyone even talking about JLo being on “American Idol”? Last week, season 13 premiered and the only question I had was: “Will she help save the show?” The answer I got was: “Everyone loves Harry Connick Jr. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/07/08 at 9:00am

Exclusive! Can Cáthia From ‘The Voice’ Become The Next Big Pop Star?

07.8.2013 | By |

When I first met Cáthia, I was at the Telemundo NY offices. I was about to do my movie review segment live in Spanish when the anchor teased she was coming up next. I immediately asked the producers if I could meet her and they acquiesced swiftly. I went backstage and there she was, zestful, humble, and talkative. She was with her sweet mother and her dynamic manager and there I was badgering her with questions about her singing in Spanish on The Voice. I just couldn’t believe she did that on national English language TV. It was groundbreaking. Read More

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