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Ang Lee Archives -

Ang Lee Archives -

Jack Rico


2013/05/15 at 12:00am

Zoe Saldana wants to direct Ang Lee type movies

Dominican/Puerto Rican actress Zoe Saldana belongs to a rare and privileged club, where a small click of actors films rank in the top 3 box office movies of all time. Avatar is the leader in that category and she’s its key co-star. She is literally on top of the world. Her huge blockbuster films have put her on the lips of every top producer and director in Hollywood as well as a profusion of money in her bank account. As she nears the release of another gi-normous franchise film in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” where she plays Uhura, she seems to be in a reflective mood about life, work and her place in it. Read More

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