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Asesinato amor reincarnacion Archives -

Asesinato amor reincarnacion Archives -

Jack Rico


2009/07/08 at 12:00am

Shalim Ortiz filming in Mexico

Shalim Ortiz filming in Mexico

Heroe’s star Shalim Ortiz is currently filiming a movie in Spanish called “Asesinato, amor y reincarnacion” directed by Mexican director Eduardo Rossoff. According to our source, Shalim and crew are one week down, and six to go on the set in Mazatlan, Mexico. The cast and crew will be there until July 18th when they will eventually be moving to the Dominican Republic to finish the film.

On a curious note, “Asesinato, amor y reincarnacion” is the second most expensive Mexican movie in the past 5 years with a budget of $38,000,000 pesos or $2,863,000 dollars. That sounds like a lot for a country who just suffered an economic set back due to the swine flu incident. “Arrancame la Vida” still holds the record as the most expensive film in that country.

Shalim will be keeping busy for the rest of the year as he is set to begin filming 4 new projects: Gardel 2008, The Roel, Tango Late and Riptide.

To see Shalim in action in the set of “Asesinato, amor y reincarnacion” see the exclusive pics below we obtained from the set.


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