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Best Movies of 2014 Archives -

Best Movies of 2014 Archives -

Jack Rico


2014/08/17 at 1:05pm

My Favorite Movies Of 2014… So Far

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve seen a plethora of cinematic pieces and only a scarce few have affected me in profound ways, while others, have transported me to universes only my imagination could understand. Considering that all movies cannot be compared equally, specially when Hollywood’s fingerprints are all over one film and an auteur’s vision is all over another, I have divided them into two categories, commercial and independent. So far, only 17 movies are at the very top of my personal list, those that I would go to battle to defend for its genius or high level of enjoyment. I’ve also ranked them in order to show you the degrees in which I have reveled in them. I hope you use this list as a guide to ascertain what to see in a moment of indecision or spontaneous fancy.  Read More

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