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best movies Archives -

Jack Rico


2014/01/07 at 2:25pm

The Best Netflix Streaming Movies To Watch Right Now!

01.7.2014 | By |

 *Updated: June, 2016

How many times have you decided to stay at home and watch a movie with your other half, your buddies or even some acquaintances and have had no clue of what to pick? There are so many films to choose from that the selection process can become overwhelming. If you are not an avid movie watcher and you pick a favorite go-to of yours, you run the risk of the #epicfail choice and they’ll never trust your judgement again. This is why I am going to be your best friend in this cinematic adventure by giving you the Best Netflix Streaming Movies To Watch Right Now. I have taken the onerous task to go through as many films as my eyes could withstand to narrow down these selections by genre and perfect for any mood.  Read More

Jack Rico


2013/12/19 at 5:03pm

The Best Movies Of 2013 By Genre!

12.19.2013 | By |

Whenever I look at end-of-year best movies lists, writers usually list 10-25 films in ranking order. Even though that’s more than adequate, I thought of making my list by best in genres. This allows you to use this list as a reference for watching films depending on your mood. So let’s get to it! Read More

Mariana Dussan


2013/10/21 at 10:17am

Sylvester Stallone: His 5 Best Movie Performances

10.21.2013 | By |

With the action thriller “Escape Plan” not even drawing double digit numbers at the box office in its theatrical release this past weekend, why don’t we remember the best of Sylvester Stallone’s finest performances. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/06/03 at 12:00am

The Best 6 Movies To See In June!

06.3.2013 | By |

The month of June is offering a large selection of Hollywood films that are highly anticipated by movie lovers globally.

But because there are so many interesting and intriguing films on tap, we have sifted through everything and found the six best your pocket won’t mind spending any cash on.

You’ll find everything from a comedy that will become endure cult film status, DC Comics trying to restore the king of superheroes to its throne, plus Sofia Coppola’s new social commentary project. No doubt these are the six summer “Must See” flicks. Read More

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