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PODCAST: That time #Hamilton's Mandy Gonzalez was told to change her last name because it was too ethnic for a role…

Chiwetel Ejiofor Archives -

Chiwetel Ejiofor Archives -

Felix Dalgo


2015/08/25 at 11:28am

This Week In Movies… ‘We Are Your Friends,’ ‘No Escape’

08.25.2015 | By |

This is the last week of August and what better way to close up the month then with some variety films at the big screen. Zac Efron in We are your Friends, a very cool summer film about the life and struggles of an aspiring DJ in today’s electronic music scene. The film No Escape, an action thriller in which we will find a very serious Owen Wilson in a role that we have never seen him play, the action hero.  Read More

Jack Rico


2015/06/08 at 8:45am

New Trailer: Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ Starring Matt Damon

06.8.2015 | By |

One of the more anticipated films of 2015 is The Martian, starring Matt Damon and is directed by none other than the master of the sci-fi genre, director Ridley Scott. The trailer has just dropped from 20th Century Fox studios and it looks thrilling, suspenseful and visually incredible. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/10/02 at 1:44pm

12 Years A Slave (Movie Review)

10.2.2013 | By |

The “1-4-0″: 12 Years A Slave is one of the best and most emotionally arduous, punishing 2hrs you’ll experience in a movie theater this year. Its level of cruelty will break you. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/10/01 at 6:59pm

The 10 Best Movies To See This October!

10.1.2013 | By |

October could very well be the single best month to watch movies of 2013. When you do a quick overview of the films being released this month, five of them are the frontrunners to win Best Picture at the Oscars 2014. Many of these movies possess all star casts, top flight directors and innovative and fresh stories. They are also coming fresh off of great reviews at Venice, Telluride, Toronto and New York Film Festivals. Not to be ignored are the commercial fare which includes Arnold and Sly together in a full feature film as opposed to cameos and one of the greatest assembled cast of Hispanics in film history in ‘Machete Kills‘ and ‘The Counselor‘. Do yourself a service, if you haven’t been to the movies all year, this is the one month you should step out and watch one.

Here are 10 movies I recommend you watch…now! Read More

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