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Christmas Archives -

Christmas Archives -

Andrea Huswan


2017/08/18 at 12:43pm

Christmas Comes Early To New York City

Radio City Music Hall made it snow in the middle of August!

The Radio City Rockettes stopped traffic on 6th avenue in Manhattan this week in front of the famous art deco marquee and performed an awe-inspiring and fan-favorite number “New York at Christmas”. The performance took place on a double decker Gray Line City Sightseeing bus in front of a very surprised and jolly crowd. But that was not all, Santa Claus and the Rockettes had a special announcement. They announced the Gift of Joy program, which aims to bring a sense of togetherness and the spirit of giving back to the community. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/12/07 at 4:46pm

The 5 Best New Christmas Songs Since Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

Every Christmas holiday that comes and goes, we always hear the usual classic standards of the genre on the radio and malls such as White Christmas from Bing Crosby, Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee and Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms, amongst others. But Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You ushered in a changing of the guard for Christmas music, making it possible to listen something else than the classics. Regrettably, her 1994 global hit phenomenon was it. No other producer, lyricist or singer could even come close to her and her holiday success. But 20 years later, the music industry has amassed a repertoire of holiday songs that could become classics in their own right and even rival Mariah Carey Christmas fiefdom.  Read More

Mariana Dussan


2013/12/24 at 5:33pm

Why You Should Know Who Diomedes Díaz Was – 5 Of His Best Vallenatos To Get You Started

Through Facebook I was informed that El Cacique de la Junta better known as Diomedes Díaz, one of Colombia’s biggest names in music, passed away Sunday Dec. 22 at the age of 56. He was the Frank Sinatra of the vallenato music genre (the native folklore music of Colombia). As a Colombian and fan of his music I was saddened, and thought this news only pertained to my fellow Colombians, I was wrong. Read More

Mariana Dussan


2013/12/23 at 11:40am

A Bilingual, Bicultural Christmas: 7 Songs For Your Navidad

As more and more Latinos call the U.S. their home every day, the traditions we bring from our countries remain alive, but tend to undergo a slight transition as we adopt some customs from the U.S. culture. Christmas is right around the corner, and with the help of some Latino artists I would like to show the proper way to celebrate your new found bicultural holiday with seven songs (in no particular order) that will satisfy both your gringo and Latin side! Read More

Mack Chico


2008/12/08 at 12:00am

‘Four Christmases’ – second week at #1!

'Four Christmases' - second week at #1!

With the annual post-Thanksgiving multiplex malaise setting in and just one big new movie (Punisher: War Zone, which I’ll get to later…uh, much later) in theaters, the box office results remarkably resembled those of a week ago.

So, yep, you guessed it: Four Christmases was No. 1 with $18.2 million, according to Sunday’s estimates. That brings the holiday comedy’s two-week sum to a sweet $70.8 mil–and it restores my confidence in Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as box office draws. For now, at least.

The rest of the top five was comprised of the same movies we’ve been seeing for a while now. Twilight moved back up to the No. 2 spot with a tidy $13.2 mil haul; its three-week sum is $138.6 mil. Bolt (No. 3) followed with $9.7 mil, a huge and surprising 64 percent decline from its impressive Thanksgiving weekend sum. Australia declined 53 percent to bank $7 mil at No. 4. And Quantum of Solace (No. 5) grossed $6.6 mil and crossed the $500 mil mark worldwide.

Among major new releases, the biggest was hardly the baddest: Punisher: War Zone (No. 8) grossed a mere $4 mil in 2,508 theaters, a tally that’s way off from the $13.8 mil that The Punisher premiered with in 2004. More punishment: The Marvel franchise reboot failed to defeat even last week’s action disappointment, Transporter 3 (which was No. 7 with $4.5 mil). Ouch! Meanwhile, the other sorta-substantial new movie, Cadillac Records (No. 9), fared a bit better, bringing in a decent $3.5 mil in 686 locations. But the indie drama Nobel Son failed to take any prize (except, perhaps, that of Box Office Flop of the Week), grossing just $370,575 in 893 venues–a redonkulously low average of $415 per theater.

Nay, the only real news of note came in the ultra-limited-release sphere, where the buzzy drama Frost/Nixon debuted with a tremendous $60,049 average in three theaters in New York, L.A., and Toronto. The Oscar contender will roll out wider in the coming weeks.

Overall, the slow box office was actually up more than 6 percent from the same (even slower) frame a year ago, when The Golden Compass bowed to disappointing returns. That makes this the fifth straight “up” weekend of the fall season, and all things considered, it should be enough to spread some holiday cheer in Hollywood.

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