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City Island Archives -

City Island Archives -

Jack Rico


2010/03/20 at 12:00am

City Island

City Island

‘City Island’ is one of the more charming comedies to come out in a very long time and thus far this 2010. It is a magnetically crafted indie comedy that provides jokes worth laughing at and charming characters worth liking. It’s a feel-good movie that is sure to satisfy your every need at the movies. You really wont’ regret it.

Prison guard Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) is a prison guard, but has one secret no one knows about. A closet actor, he lies to his lovely wife, Joyce (Julianna Margulies), about going to poker games when he’s really traveling into the city to attend an acting class presided over by the Michael Malakov (Alan Arkin). Joyce, recognizing her husband isn’t being truthful, suspects he’s having an affair. But Vince has an even bigger secret: a newly paroled prisoner (Steven Strait) who has been offered lodging on his property, isn’t just some random ex-con; he’s Vince’s son. No one knows this except Vince and Molly (Emily Mortimer), his partner at the acting class. Vince isn’t the only one with secrets. His son, Vince Jr. (Ezra Miller), has a fetish for fat women. His daughter, Vivian (Dominik Garcia-Lorido), works as a stripper.

Cuban actor Andy Garcia dishes out some of his best comedic moments here and it is truly enjoyable to watch. He has not been a part of many talked about movies the last few years, but just like Robert De Niro in ‘Everybody’s Fine,’ Garcia has once again found his form. His timing, delivery, his expressions, the nuances and reactions, it all works here. The rest of the cast are wonderfully charming. They manage to compliment Garcia without a problem.

Are there any problems with the film? Perhaps, but they’re so minimal that you won’t notice them. I barely did. City Island is a fantastic, pleasurable experience, one that I recommend highly!

Mack Chico


2009/05/04 at 12:00am

Andy Garcia’s ‘City Island’ wins in Tribeca Festival

Andy Garcia's 'City Island' wins in Tribeca Festival

“City Island,” an ensemble pic set in a semi-obscure area of the Bronx, captured the Heineken Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film, which world-preemed at Tribeca, stars Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Alan Arkin and Emily Mortimer. It’s a family comedy about the foibles of the Rizzo clan.

Director Raymond De Felitta will receive a cash prize of $25,000 for the audience honor.

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