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Colombian-America Archives -

Colombian-America Archives -

Jack Rico


2018/04/20 at 5:55pm

PODCAST: Adrian Martinez Talks ‘I Feel Pretty’ and Perseverance, Allison Strong Talks Netflix’s ‘The Week Of’ and Being Bilingual

Adrian Martinez and Allison Strong join the show today to chat about going at it in Hollywood as Latinx actors. Adrian is in Amy Schumer’s controversial new film “I Feel Pretty,” out in theaters now. We talked why the movie’s premise has angered some women, if he thinks “beauty” is a fact or an opinion, and his #1 advice for any Latinx actor wanting to break into the business. Allison is a proud Colombian-American actress who has a new movie “The Week Of” coming out on Netflix April 27thwith Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, plus, she discusses her personal experiences of what acting in Hollywood is like for a bilingual actress; and she reveals the best lesson she learned from Steve Buschemi. Read More

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