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david zayas Archives -

david zayas Archives -

Jack Rico


2016/10/16 at 4:59pm

‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 8 – David Zayas on ‘The Lennon Report,’ Kent Jones on NYFF, Linda Ong on the Future of Hispanic TV

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On this eighth episode, I welcome one of the quintessential NY Latino character actors in Hollywood, David Zayas (1:17). We converse about his new movie “The Lennon Report”, his lack of desire to be the star in movies and which stories he thinks Latinos should be writing about for Hollywood. Also, the NYFF begins this weekend and I spoke to Kent Jones (14:30), the director of the festival himself, to share his must-see movies, what we can expect from Pedro Almodovar’s new film Julieta and why there’s such an absence of US born Hispanic directors in cinema today. And ADVERTISING WEEK has hit NYC and I decided to speak with one of the great minds in multicultural marketing, Linda Ong (23:20), the CEO and Founder of TruthCo. about the future of Hispanic television. What language will it be in? What kind of programming will be on it? That and a recap of all the best pop culture stories that you might’ve missed this week.‘Highly Relevant’ Podcast Ep. 7 Read More

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