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An African-American cast member has been added to Broadway's #FrozenTheMusical where there wasn't one in the animat…

Dolores Huerta Archives -

Dolores Huerta Archives -

Jack Rico


2017/07/24 at 11:56am

First Official Trailer For US Latina Icon ‘Dolores’ Documentary

07.24.2017 | By |

If you are a US Latino/a who doesn’t know who Dolores Huerta is, it’s time you wake the f*ck up. Dolores is among the most important, yet least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez, her enormous contributions have gone largely unrecognized. Dolores tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Chavez, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century—and she continues the fight to this day, at 87. Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/03/31 at 5:00pm

Rosario Dawson Is Inspired To Produce A Film After “Cesar Chavez”

03.31.2014 | By |

After it’s modest box office success with $3 million dollars in 664 theaters, today on Cesar Chavez Day, many Hispanics and non-Hispanics are learning more about the man who fought for the rights of farmer immigrants back in the 60’s and 70’s. Diego Luna’s film ‘Cesar Chavez‘ hit a major cord for one of its cast members, Rosario Dawson – about producing one of her own films. We spoke to her about this and much more. Read More

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