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Ed Helms Archives -

Ed Helms Archives -

Mariana Dussan


2014/03/26 at 1:38pm

“Ghostbusters 3” Is A Go: 3 Perfect Actors For Harold Ramis’ Role

03.26.2014 | By |

Since 1984, the proper response to “Who you gonna call?” has always been: “Ghostbusters.” The fact that 30 years later that catch phrase is still part of pop culture speaks to the fact the “Ghostbusters” films are true classics. Read More

Jack Rico


2011/02/07 at 12:00am

Ed Helms: “Hosting SNL would be epic!”

02.7.2011 | By |

Ed Helms: “Hosting SNL would be epic!”

Comic actor Ed Helms, known mostly for his work in 2009’s super hit ‘The Hangover’ and NBC’s The Office, was in New York to promote his new, very funny comedy, ‘Cedar Rapids’, coming out this Friday, and I caught up with him to ask him about his days living in New York trying to make it on the sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Helms, who grew up in Atlanta, always dreamed of being discovered and landing a spot in the cast of SNL. Your dream has always been to be a part of SNL, but you are now achieving enough celebrity status to possibly host the show one of these days. Where would that moment rank amongst all your achievements?

Ed Helms: (Chuckle) Well, ah, I’d rather not, it’d be you know, that would just be epic. That would be really, really exciting and awesome. Hasn’t happened… yet and if it and when it does, I would be over the moon. If you had to pick a musical guest to accompany you on that special night, who would it be?

Ed Helms: (12 second pause) Hmmmm…. Paul Simon is inextricably linked with that show. He has such a history with Lorne Michaels, that would be… his music was such an important part of my adolescence. That might actually take the cake.

Here’s to you Ed. I hope your dreams come true very soon. Helms will next be seen on the sequel of The Hangover and The Muppets this year.

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