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Karen Posada


2012/06/19 at 12:00am

‘Safe Haven’ to be Nicholas Sparks new movie

'Safe Haven' to be Nicholas Sparks new movie

They’ve began shooting ‘Safe Haven’ a romance based on the story by Nicholas Sparks, who wrote ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Dear John’; like most of his movies this will be shot in his native land of North Carolina in the town of Southport. Director Lasse Hallström has already casted Josh Duhamel from ‘Transformers’ and Julianne Hough from ‘Rock of Ages’ as protagonists, David Lyons is also part of the cast. The writers of the script: Dana Stevens and Les Bohem along with the rest of the production team make up a group of artists that have worked in movies or TV shows focused on romance; which tells us this movie will be a romantic voyage.

‘Safe Haven’ is a story full of suspense and affirmation about Katie (Hough), a young woman who is struggling to find love once again when she arrives in the small town in North Carolina. The people see her as suspicious when she seems to not want to be part of the community, but slowly she becomes to appear familiar and begins a relationship with Alex (Duhamel), a widowed that owns a story and has two small children. But her past (Lyons will play Hough’s estranged husband) gets in the way of her new life and the terror will force her to rediscover the meaning of sacrifice and what is like to rely on the power of love in this moving romantic thriller. 

The studios involved in the production are: Relativity Media, Temple Hill Entertainment and Nicholas Sparks’ own production company. The movie will open on February 8, 2013.

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