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The Latino Significance of Pixar’s #Coco: @Carlos_Film @mcastimovies

FIFA Archives -

FIFA Archives -

Jack Rico


2017/06/15 at 8:40am

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Can Mexico Win The Confederations Cup 2017?, What HBO Latino Is Doing About Latin Comedy

06.15.2017 | By |

Thank you for listening to episode 36 of the Highly Relevant podcast. It’s soccer week and between World Cup Qualifiers and International Friendlies, soccer fans are getting ready for this weekend’s Confederations Cup, a precursor tournament before the World Cup 2018. We talk to Luis Miguel Echegaray, Head of Latino Content at Sports Illustrated about why we should watch it, Mexico’s clash vs. Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Colombia’s superstar James Rodriguez, what is his future, what team will he eventually play for, will Mexico and Colombia make it to the World Cup? Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/07/10 at 1:11pm

The 5 Most Shocking Reactions From Brazilians After German Defeat

07.10.2014 | By |

It’s no secret, the Brazilian soccer team received the biggest ass whopping of their lives by Germany, and fans, well, they’re not too happy.

Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/04/24 at 12:29pm

Watch The 4 Worst Official World Cup Soccer Songs Ever Made!

04.24.2014 | By |

Music is a powerful force that serves to unite people universally and there is no moment that this is truer than at the World Cup. Every four years as soccer fever rises and countries become rivals, the main thing that unites us all is the official World Cup song. Read More

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