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Mack Chico


2009/07/01 at 12:00am

Javier Bardem still being talked for ‘Star Trek 2’

Javier Bardem still being talked for 'Star Trek 2'

Javier Bardem, Oscar winner for best actor 2 years ago is a strong candidate to play Khan in the next Star Trek sequel.

Collider caught up with the director and Bad Robot honcho on the red carpet of the Saturn Awards and tried to back Abrams into corners about whether or not he’ll direct part two or walk away from that much responsibility, as well as picking his brain about potential villains.

Abrams is a master of a few things, but his greatest strength may be revealing as much as possible in an interview. Will he direct? “We just started talking about ideas…we’ve just begun this process so it’s so early that it’s insane to, you know – I have no idea,” he tells Collider.

“(B)ut I would say that it’s that kind of feeling that as we’re talking about stories you start to salivate, like ‘oh my God I can’t wait to do that!’ and so that feels good and my guess is that as we continue it will become clearer how we will plan out what will happen.”

So…will he direct? Question dodged. And regarding the villians, which Collider also asked writers Orci and Kurtzman about and were told it could be something very non-traditional, like nature – Abrams was enthusiastic but not very helpful:

“Well, I’m open to anything. We’ve had some really interesting discussions so far but, you know – you have to be open to everything to find the right thing so the answer is sure, I’m open to that. I think in a story it’s important to personify, somehow, what you’re up against so it’s a tricky one to figure out how to, like, fight evil wind!”

Well, that’s a little more informative, but it sounds like a ruse to me. I much prefer the concept Abrams and company spouted off a couple months ago, that Javier Bardem would make a good Khan. Now that…that’s a subject I hope he answers sooner than later.

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