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Havana Heat Archives -

Havana Heat Archives -

Mack Chico


2010/08/19 at 12:00am

Wesley Snipes goes Cuban in ‘Havana Heat’

Wesley Snipes goes Cuban in 'Havana Heat'

In what seems to be a straight to DVD movie, former action star Wesley Snipes will star in ‘Havana Heat‘ about a Homeland Security agent who is murdered while undercover in Havana, and the investigation which follows that death.

The film will also star former hearthrob Joey Lawrence, who looks like he’s jacked as all hell.

Havana Heat will start shooting November with a cast that includes Michael Dudikoff, mixed martial artist Heath Herring, Puerto Rican actress Zulay Henao (Fighting), Lorena Rincon, Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia Jr. and Nicolas Brown (Kites).

The film will be out sometime 2011.

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