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Hellraiser Archives -

Hellraiser Archives -

Mack Chico


2010/10/19 at 12:00am

It’s official – Hellraiser will have a remake!

It's official - Hellraiser will have a remake!

Recently posted news of a new teen version of Hellraiser being developed by The Weinstein Company. The rumor is that the horror film will be made with the highest quality and with a huge budget. Producers are currently negotiating with Christian E. Christiansen (The Roommate) to direct and actress Amber Heard (Zombieland, The Stepfather, The Joneses) to star. The film has in mind to attract teenage kids to the theater and to obtain a PG-13 rating.

The idea of doing a version for teenagers is catching on among many studios, but we don’t think it necessarily is the right move for every ocassion. The original ‘Hellraiser’ is a classic of the horror genre and to dilute it to a teen audience that demands a lot of Hollywoodisms is perhaps a bit inconsiderate to the reputation of the film.

Meanwhile, the Weinsteins, as we speak, are in production of a low-budget version of the film with the intention of preserving the rights to the franchise. The film is called ‘Hellraiser: Revelations’ and will be helmed by Spanish director Victor Garcia who has made ‘Mirrors 2’ and ‘Return to House on Haunted Hill,’ all straight to DVD.

The Christiansen ‘Hellraiser remake’ has been a project that has been making the rounds since 2006, with several directors and actors attached to the production. Originally scheduled for a premiere in 2009, the film has had trouble seeing the day of light until now.

For those who have not seen the original Hellraiser, 1987, the plot revolves around Frank Cotton, a young man, violent and ambitious China acquires a box from an oriental bazaar and endowed with powers. According to ancient legend, is a kind of door to beings from another dimension. Cotton calls to open these creatures from hell fantastic, but these storms to infringe You can kill it. Twenty years later, two new tenants settle in Frank’s old house: his brother and his wife. The emergence of the spirit of Frank is the beginning of a maelstrom of horror in its purest form that your family will go crazy. A drop of blood spilled accidentally by his brother on the floor of loft, is the trigger of the tragedy. Frank, in order to regain his old form, humans need blood to provide it, secretly the wife of his brother.

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