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JD Salinger Archives -

JD Salinger Archives -

Jack Rico


2013/09/03 at 4:08pm

This Week In Movies… ‘Riddick,’ ‘Salinger,’ ‘Mission Park’

Sixteen movie releases. This is one of the rare weeks where half of the new Hollywood releases are documentaries and my most anticipated viewing a documentary as well – Salinger. What is it? Perhaps its the Labor Day dates that aren’t too kind to studio pockets, perhaps it’s the public demand for more informative films and less escapism. “Why read a book when you can watch the documentary?” Or maybe it’s just coincidence. Whatever the principal reason is, blockbuster films are about to become persona non-grata in the next few months when Oscar season rears its head for the Fall.  Interesting to note is that after the success of the Latino movie “Instructions Not Included,” Hollywood will have their eyes wide open for Tio Papi and Mission Park‘s results.

Below is the list of all the movies coming out this weekend and I rank them in descending order of my interest…

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