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Jessica Alba Archives -

Jessica Alba Archives -

Jack Rico


2016/07/22 at 10:47am

8 Movies With Latinos That You Should See This Year

07.22.2016 | By |

Latino Movie Poster CollageIt used to be that whenever Hispanics appeared in English-language media, it was an aberration, a freak happening, a shocking departure (much like when Daddy Yankee’s ‘Gasolina’ was played on Z-100). But that’s not the case anymore. Look at the poster collage below (courtesy of Brian Latimer), it is a testament to how far Hispanic actors have integrated themselves into the fabric of American cinema and pop culture. In my latest NBCLatino article, I highlight the top 8 movies showcasing Latinos that you should keep an eye out for. It begins today with Zoe Saldana in Star Trek Beyond!

Click on the graphic above to read the article…

Jack Rico


2015/07/17 at 12:54pm

Watch The New Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba Movie Trailer ‘Some Kind Of Beautiful’

07.17.2015 | By |

Latina power! It is a rarity when two A-List latinas get together for a Hollywood movie. Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba should be a great watch! Hayek did it Penelope Cruz for ‘Bandidas’ but got no interest back in 2006. Will this one work? Glad to see power Latinas getting together to make some ol’ fashion Hollywood fare.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think! Read More

Jack Rico


2014/07/28 at 12:34pm

New Red-Band Trailer: ‘Sin City: A Day to Kill For’

07.28.2014 | By |

At the San Diego Comic-Con, co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunited to release the visually stunning “Sin City: A Day to Kill For” red band trailer! Weaving together two of Miller’s classic stories with new tales, the town’s most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more notorious inhabitants.  Read More

Jack Rico


2013/10/11 at 11:57am

Machete Kills (Movie Review)

10.11.2013 | By |

The “1-4-0″: “MACHETE don’t make good sequels.” He’s a great character who ran into a stale script full of retread jokes & too much dialogue. It’s not as funny anymore. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/10/01 at 6:59pm

The 10 Best Movies To See This October!

10.1.2013 | By |

October could very well be the single best month to watch movies of 2013. When you do a quick overview of the films being released this month, five of them are the frontrunners to win Best Picture at the Oscars 2014. Many of these movies possess all star casts, top flight directors and innovative and fresh stories. They are also coming fresh off of great reviews at Venice, Telluride, Toronto and New York Film Festivals. Not to be ignored are the commercial fare which includes Arnold and Sly together in a full feature film as opposed to cameos and one of the greatest assembled cast of Hispanics in film history in ‘Machete Kills‘ and ‘The Counselor‘. Do yourself a service, if you haven’t been to the movies all year, this is the one month you should step out and watch one.

Here are 10 movies I recommend you watch…now! Read More

Karen Posada


2013/02/13 at 12:00am

Escape From Planet Earth (Movie Review)

02.13.2013 | By |

Escape From Planet Earth

Escape From Planet Earth’ is a great experience for both parents and children alike, because it delivers a strong message of team work and family unity all wrapped in an adorable, funny and cool package. We love our animated films and this one does not disappoint, a great extra is that there are three Latinos playing big roles here; more proof that this year is great for Latinos in Hollywood. The 3D is a definite plus, that really enhances the experience of Planet Babb and its inhabitants. The movie is a truly fun intergalactic trip that has just the right cast and ingredients to provide a short and sweet outing to the movies with the family.

In the very futuristic Planet Babb, superstar astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) is admired for his heroic tasks; which he accomplishes thanks to his genius brother Gary (Rob Corddry). Scorch’s boss, Lena (Jessica Alba) sends him to the dangerous “Dark Planet” aka Planet Earth, where he faces general James Bing (Ricky Gervais) and he will need the help of his brother Gary, his nephew Kip (Jonathan Morgan Heit) and Kira (Sarah Jessica Parker) in order to come back home.

The look of the movie is just cool, with a futuristic Jetsons like environment and adorably ugly blue aliens, which all pops out in wonderful colorful images. The movie is not as funny as I expected it to be, but it does have a handful of laugh out loud moments aimed both at children and adults. My favorite part of it all is the main message it gives off, which is that we need teamwork in order to accomplish heroic tasks and that with our family’s trust and support we can do anything.

The cast is a great combination of well-known comedy actors even besides the main cast; we have Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson and a great mix of big name Latinos: Jessica Alba is Lena, the beautiful and intelligent chief at BASA, Sofia Vergara plays Gabby the hot and spicy anchor for BNN News, and finally George Lopez a three-eyed slug alien named Thurman; so keep an eye out for them. It is fantastic to see this kind of collaboration in a film that holds such a powerful message. Director Cal Brunker stroke gold providing a great product.

This is an out of this world adventure to enjoy with the family this Valentine’s day; it holds an original storyline that will keep you entertained. The film was so well crafted that it gives everyone in the audience something they are sure to like. Read our interview with some of the film’s cast here!

Karen Posada


2012/06/22 at 12:00am

First look at set pictures of ‘Machete Kills’!

06.22.2012 | By |

First look at set pictures of 'Machete Kills'!

We have some exclusive photos from ‘Machete Kills’, which is coming out next year and is already shooting, thanks to Jessica Alba. In this sequel of ‘Machete’,which came out in 2010, Texas born Mexican director Robert Rodriguez brings to the screen the continuations of Machete’s (Danny Trejo) story. Here the U.S. government recruits him to battle an arms dealer in Mexico, who wants to launch a dangerous weapon into space.

The cast is filled with very talented Latinos: Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Demián Bichir and of course Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo. Mel Gibson will be starting as well. 

Here are some of the pictures of the cast and of the very special birthday celebration for director Rodriguez:

Mack Chico


2009/06/24 at 12:00am

Jessica Alba & Robert Rodriguez to hook up for ‘The Insiders’!

06.24.2009 | By |

Jessica Alba & Robert Rodriguez to hook up for ‘The Insiders’!

Is it not enough that Jessica Alba has already played iconic comic book characters in “Fantastic Four” and “Sin City“? Apparently not, as rumors swirl today about her involvement with yet another paneled page property.

ICv2 is reporting that Alba has acquired the screen rights to a French comic book series titled “The Insiders.” The news originated from “various French language Websites,” which also pegs Alba’s “Sin City” director Robert Rodriguez as her partner in securing the comic’s film rights.

“The Insiders” first debuted in 2002 from Jean-Claude Bartoll and Renaud Garreta, yielding seven volumes of the series in France with an eighth scheduled for this October. In the same month, Americans will also see the first volume of “The Insiders” titled Chechen Guerilla — perhaps a move to familiarize stateside audiences with Alba’s upcoming character.

Should the rumors pan out, Alba would play Najah Cruz, a Columbian woman with “the weapons expertise and combat skills of a James Bond.” In the series, Cruz is tasked with infiltrating a crime syndicate on behalf of the United States government, where she ultimately works her way into becoming the lead criminal’s body guard.

Given the long delays in “Sin City 2” and reports that a “Fantastic Four” reboot is in the works sans the original cast, Alba could be without a comic book franchise to call her own — which is why turning to “The Insiders” could be a strong move for an actress looking to stick with the genre.

On top of that, Alba’s first high-profile gig came in the form of “Dark Angel,” a James Cameron-produced television series where she played a hard-as-nails soldier of the same ilk as Najah Cruz. Truly, starring in “The Insiders” would be a return to form for the young actress.

Mack Chico


2009/04/20 at 12:00am

Jessica Alba to co-star in “The Killer Inside Me”

04.20.2009 | By |

Jessica Alba to co-star in “The Killer Inside Me”

A state official in Oklahoma has confirmed that part of a film starring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson will be shot on location at various towns.

Jill Simpson, the director of the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, said that principal photography for the film “The Killer Inside Me” will start in New Mexico before moving to Oklahoma. Scenes will be shot on location in Guthrie, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid and Cordell.

She said it will be the largest film produced in Oklahoma since the box-office hit “Twister” in 1996.

Preproduction for the Guthrie portion of the shoot for “The Killer Inside Me” will resume on Monday. One of the film’s producers, Michael Eaton of London-based Revolution Films, will arrive in Oklahoma the same day.

Conflicting schedules for the actors and lack of full financing for the film delayed the start of filming, which had been scheduled for March 24. Chad Burris, the owner of Tulsa-based Indion Entertainment Group, said the necessary funding has been secured.

“That, coupled with, I think, they finally got the actors’ schedules lined out and the stars aligned and all the other great things that have to happen before a movie can actually get going,” Burris said.

Affleck’s availability for his scenes in the film is still in flux, Simpson said, although preparations are moving forward.

“The good news is, it’s back on and they’re going to be filming here,” Simpson said.

The movie will be a crime thriller based on a 1952 novel by Jim Thompson, who was born in Anadarko in 1906. The storyline involves a likable rural deputy sheriff, portrayed by Affleck, who has the mind of a murderous psychopath.

Thompson also co-wrote the screenplays for two films by Stanley Kubrick, “The Killing” in 1956 and “Paths of Glory” in 1957. He died in 1977.

Oklahoma’s incentive of offering up to a 17 percent rebate on production expenditures for companies filming in the state proved to be a strong lure for Muse Productions of Los Angeles and Revolution, Simpson said, along with the work of Indion Entertainment.

“I’m certainly happy the film’s going to happen and, you know, I never really thought it wasn’t going to,” Burris said. “I think there are people that got a little more nervous about it than I did. I think it’s a great boon for Oklahoma. I think it’s going to do a lot for us having this production here.”

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