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John Oliver Archives -

John Oliver Archives -

Jack Rico


2016/02/24 at 12:22pm

This John OIiver Video Nails EXACTLY Hollywood’s Whitewashing

With the academy awards coming up, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tackles Hollywood whitewashing in a humorous yet unflinching way. The focus of the video is self-explanatory, but this whole idea that there aren’t enough good roles for people of color is utter balderdash. Even when roles do exist, they still can be played by white actors. Just ask Emma Stone. Her portrayal of a half-Asian woman in Aloha is perhaps the most egregious act of whitewashing in the modern era. Read More

Mariana Dussan


2013/09/11 at 10:38am

Would “The Daily Show” Be Better Off Without Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart has made his comeback to “The Daily Show” after a 12-week hiatus. During the first eight weeks of his absence John Oliver, Senior British Correspondent for the show, took over for the role of host while Stewart traveled to Jordan to make his directing debut with “Rosewater.” Read More

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