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Lady Bird Archives -

Jack Rico


2017/09/10 at 9:27pm

41 Fall Trailers That Inspired Me To Watch Movies Again

A confession. I stopped watching movies for a while. Call it movie burn-out or the unequivocal fact that television is the new movies. Whatever the reasons, I needed a break from the two-hour suck ups I couldn’t get back. I was seeing so much junk that I felt guilty I wasn’t using the time in my life more efficiently. Then I saw the trailers of the new movies releasing this fall and I actually got excited, thrilled in fact. Apart from some gems, this 2017 has been the pits in Hollywood which is why these 41 trailers I’m now sharing with you, should get you excited too. These movies speak to me somehow, either to my passions, interests and likes or have reminded me of a past experience I’ve had or the fantasy of a future one I’m interested in having. So without further delay, here are “41 Fall Trailers That Inspired Me To Watch Movies Again”. *(Stay tuned for our Fall Movie Preview on our Highly Relevant Podcast this month) Read More

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