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latinas Archives -

latinas Archives -

Jack Rico


2018/05/05 at 11:28am

PODCAST: Ariana DeBose Talks Donna Summer Musical, Zetna Fuentes on Becoming a Latina TV Director

This week we speak with triple threat star and freshly minted Tony nominee Ariana DeBose who is currently one of the three stars of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical on Broadway. We discuss the intense vocal preparation in becoming The Queen of Disco, why the show cast women in male roles, equal pay, pansexuality and Hispanic identity on Broadway. Then I chat with Zetna Fuentes, a Latina TV director who has directed some of the biggest shows currently on television – Marvel’s “Jessica Jones,” NBC’s “This Is Us,” ABC’s “Scandal” and Amazon’s “BOSCH” to mention just a few. We discuss why there are so few Latina directors in tv and film and what can be done to fix it, plus, how she uses her Hispanic heritage to influence her tv work. Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/05/27 at 10:13am

2014: The Year Network TV Became Diversified

You can probably count on two hands the number of shows that have had a Latino lead or Latino cast in an English-speaking show that aired on network television until 2007 when “George Lopez” had its final episode. But now in 2014 alone there are about 12 shows that have a Hispanic leads or co-stars! It’s obvious that we’ve come a long way, and so in celebration of this feat, here are the shows airing in 2014 that feature Latino talent: Read More

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