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latino movies Archives -

latino movies Archives -

Jack Rico


2017/09/18 at 10:30pm

16 Hispanic Films To See This Fall

09.18.2017 | By |

Every year, theaters release 718 movies a year. Hispanic films are a small fraction of that, but some of the best are releasing this autumn. So in order to celebrate Hispanic talent in film, especially in Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve compiled 16 movies that are either spoken in Spanish, focused on a Hispanic storyline, include a Hispanic actor in a lead role or is directed by a Hispanic. Let’s see how many of these “16 Hispanic Films To See This Fall” attract your interest. *(Stay tuned for our Fall Movie Preview on our Highly Relevant Podcast this month)  Read More

Jack Rico


2015/01/28 at 12:10am

19 Hispanic Films To Watch In 2015

01.28.2015 | By |

Movies, unlike TV, has been very slow to embrace diversity in Hollywood. Several studies show how low numbers account for a lack of multicultural stars in front of the camera and behind it, particularly for Hispanic talent. Nevertheless, every year these numbers are slowly improving. There is still a lot of work to do, but we here at, have decided then to highlight every single Hispanic movie being released in 2015. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/03/24 at 3:13pm

Chilean Director Pablo Larraín to Direct ‘Scarface’ Reboot

03.24.2014 | By |

According to The Wrap, the director of “No” and “Tony Manero,” Pablo Larraín, is in negotiations to take the reins of the classic immigrant tale made famous by Al Pacino and Brian De Palma back in 1983. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/10/11 at 11:57am

Machete Kills (Movie Review)

10.11.2013 | By |

The “1-4-0″: “MACHETE don’t make good sequels.” He’s a great character who ran into a stale script full of retread jokes & too much dialogue. It’s not as funny anymore. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/09/03 at 4:08pm

This Week In Movies… ‘Riddick,’ ‘Salinger,’ ‘Mission Park’

09.3.2013 | By |

Sixteen movie releases. This is one of the rare weeks where half of the new Hollywood releases are documentaries and my most anticipated viewing a documentary as well – Salinger. What is it? Perhaps its the Labor Day dates that aren’t too kind to studio pockets, perhaps it’s the public demand for more informative films and less escapism. “Why read a book when you can watch the documentary?” Or maybe it’s just coincidence. Whatever the principal reason is, blockbuster films are about to become persona non-grata in the next few months when Oscar season rears its head for the Fall.  Interesting to note is that after the success of the Latino movie “Instructions Not Included,” Hollywood will have their eyes wide open for Tio Papi and Mission Park‘s results.

Below is the list of all the movies coming out this weekend and I rank them in descending order of my interest…

Read More

Jack Rico


2013/07/25 at 12:13pm

Why you need to see this ‘Septimo’ trailer!

07.25.2013 | By |

The two biggest international Hispanic actors in the world, Ricardo Darín and Belén Rueda, unite for the very first time in Septimo, a new thriller by Spanish director Patxi Amezcua. We have the first trailer for you to see!
Read More

Jack Rico


2013/07/02 at 3:20pm

First photo of Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar in ‘Paradise Lost’

07.2.2013 | By |

And here we have it. The first official photograph of Benicio Del Toro playing Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar in Paradise Lost. 

I had written an article about the news back in November od 2012 about Del Toro taking the gig after his “savage” performance in Oliver Stone’s Savages. He stole all the scenes in that film and word was that he could even be nominated come award season time. Even though he wasn’t, his acting left a mark and producers and directors were alert to him playing a druglord in a leading role in the future.  Read More

Jack Rico


2013/05/13 at 12:00am

Will Colombians push Oscar Isaac’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ film production out of town?

05.13.2013 | By |

Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac will play defunct Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in a yet-to-be titled movie. No word on whether the film will be spoken in Spanish or English but we do know that Brad Furman, director of the very well received “The Lincoln Lawyer” will direct. Read More

Mack Chico


2012/12/07 at 12:00am

Is Alejandro González Iñárritu’s next film a comedy?

12.7.2012 | By |

Ben Affleck‘s favorite director, Mexican helmer Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, is leeaving all the heavy depressing, multi-story dramas to make… a comedy. You heard that right, a comedy.

The name of the movie will be BIRDMAN and its premise will be about a former actor, who once played an iconic superhero, as he mounts a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim past glory. The movie will take place in one location over the course of three days as the actor juggles family, career and his sanity.. That sounds it’ll be either a hit or an embarassing failure. Nevertheless, I don’t mind evolution and aspiring to be more versatile.

Iñárritu said he co-wrote the film with Nicolas Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris and Armando Bo and is eyeing a start in March.

Word is he still is planning The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio, but there is no pre-production date set to start.


Jack Rico


2012/08/27 at 12:00am

First pic of Edgar Ramirez as ‘Simon Bolivar’!

08.27.2012 | By |

First pic of Edgar Ramirez as 'Simon Bolivar'!

Here is the first look at Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez as Simon Bolivar in the new movie Libertador being released in 2013.

For those of you that have no clue of who Simon Bolivar is and why they’re making a movie about this man, he is the George Washington of South America. He gave 6 countries in Latin America (Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia) their independence. He did more than Washington did!

If Hollywood is doing movies on J. Edgar Hoover, then Latinos should do a biopic on historical and political figures as well. Bolivar is perhaps the most important of all, if not the most.

Libertador is the largest independent South American production to date and will be directed by Alberto Arvelo, produced by Edgar Ramirez himself and scored by L.A. Philharmonic music director Gustavo Dudamel, who is from Venezuela. Just Dudamel alone should be reason enough to pay money to see this film.

Libertador follows the life of Simon Bolivar, as he liberated many countries in Latin America from the Spanish empire. It’ll explore his political journey and his death.

Ramirez, who made waves with his performance in Carlos, is next in U.S. theaters in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, which Sony opens in December. In France, he’s currently in theaters in An Open Heart, starring opposite Juliette Binoche.

Edgar Ramirez as Simon Bolivar in 'Libertador'

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