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Leaked footage Archives -

Leaked footage Archives -

Jack Rico


2012/10/23 at 12:00am

Leaked video of Latino Paranormal Activity film!

For those of you who had a chance to see ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ this weekend and stayed until the VERY end of the credits, you saw a “button” (term to describe a very short scene/clip of an upcoming movie,) of the new untitled Latino spin-off of ‘Paranormal Activity’. According to Paramount publicists, this is not a teaser nor a trailer.

For those that did not see it, there is a leaked video that was just released, courtesy of, that shows the “button” in question that many who left the theater early never saw. Why Paramount calls it a “button” is beyond me, but what’s even more mind-boggling is that Paramount didn’t want the press to know of it. According to a source at the studio, it was supposed to be kept a secret from the press. None of this makes sense to me, but I call this a missed opportunity on their part.

Nevertheless, many questions remain unanswered such as a specific date for the release of the film, the name of the movie, official plot, cast names, and when an official teaser or complete theatrical trailer will launch. What you read any where else is pure and simple speculation, including Christopher Landon, son of Michael Landon, directing. Paramount is not giving any official word on the untitled Latino-spinoff yet.

Christopher Landon

Christopher Landon

What we can tell you is that ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ premiered at #1 this weekend at the box office with $30.2 million dollars, which for a film that only cost $5 million dollars to create is a high profit. What we can also tell you is that with Hispanics attending the film twice more than any other group, which constitutes 25 percent of the audience (to only 16 percent of the population), Latinos are 80 percent more likely to watch a movie on their first weekend, offering big money to movie studios.

As of our last phone call, Paramount is staying mum on everything. We’ll continue to get to the bottom of this movie and report it as it comes our way.

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

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