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Machete comic Archives -

Machete comic Archives -

Jack Rico


2010/07/21 at 12:00am

EXCLUSIVE! Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ comic cover unveiled!

EXCLUSIVE! Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete' comic cover unveiled!

Breaking news! Director Robert Rodriguez in conjunction with publisher IDW has teamed up with über comic artist Juan Doe to execute the covers for the new Machete comic based on the “Mexploitation” film of the same name.

The first Machete comic, issue #0, will be released in September, with issues 1-5 breaking in December.

Robert Rodriguez and his long time producer Aaron Kaufman wrote the story with Stuart Sager handling the artwork and Zach Howard doing coloring.

Enter Juan Doe. A renowned comic artist, he has drawn a variety of high-profile projects, including the first bilingual Marvel comic in history (Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte!), as well as works for DC (Batman: The Joker’s Asylum Part IV: Scarecrow) and Image (24/7, Popgun Volume #3).

Aside from the Machete covers, he is also working on a spate of projects, including the third groundbreaking installment of “Fantastic Four in Puerto Rico“, a series of Iron Man Legacy covers and a top secret project that will be unveiled at the NYC Comic Con in Oct. Talk about busy! Stay tuned for the ShowBizCafe in-depth interview with Juan Doe himself!

So for all you Juan Doe fans, feast your eyes on the first official comic cover of Machete below!

Machete cover by Juan Doe

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