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madagascar Archives -

Karen Posada


2012/06/18 at 12:00am

‘Madagascar 3’ stays at #1 at box office!

'Madagascar 3' stays at #1 at box office!

Once again ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ rules the box office with $35.5 million dollars, earning a total of $120.5 million dollars. The animated film has continued to surprise everyone holding on to the number one spot.

Prometheus’ also stays strong at number two with $20.2 million dollars; the sci-fi movie tried to win the number one spot but failed. This film was suspected to become a summer blockbuster; it’s a wonder what made the public turn away.

The Broadway musical turned film ‘Rock of Ages’ landed on the third spot with $15.1 million dollars. This amount is far below of other musicals adapted to the big screen, such as ‘Mamma Mia!’ or Shankman’s own ‘Hairspray’, which opened with $27.5 million dollars in 2007.


The Top 10 Movies in the Box Office:

1. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – $35.5 mil

2. Prometheus – $20.2 mil

3. Rock of Ages – $15.1 mil

4. Snow White and the Huntsman – $13.8 mil

5. That’s my Boy – $13 mil

6. Men in Black 3 – $10 mil

7. The Avengers – $8.8 mil

8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – $2.2 mil

9. Moonrise Kingdom – $2.2 mil

10. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – $1.3 mil

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